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Wet Method

For larger decals some may prefer the wet installation. NOTE: The wet install works best for solid decals without alot of small pieces, or very large decals.

Apply to the outside of a window or smooth painted surface. It's very important to clean window or surface with rubbing alcohol not windex. Do not apply in direct sunlight, apply in the shade. Do not apply if the tempurature outside is below 50 degrees.

Wet window with a heavy mist of water(can also try: mix up 1 drop liquid dish soap with 1 quart water) Remove paper backing from decal and wet the sticky side with a mist of water also. Apply the decal to the wet surface. After it is in the desired place, squeegee out the water with a plastic squeegee. (You could use an I.D. or Credit Card for this.) Let dry before removing top layer.