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Magnetic Sign Care

Help My Magnetic Sign Blew Off.......This is one of the most common complaints that we hear about magnetic signs. All of the time, this is caused by applying the sign to a dirty surface, applying a dirty sign, or applying the sign while it is cold.

Magnetic material becomes stiff and relatively inflexible when it is cold. When the sign is applied while it is cold and stiff, it does not properly grip the vehicle surface. Take a trip down the highway at high speed, and you could wind up losing your sign.

First and foremost, never apply your magnetic sign cold! It's ok to put the magnetic sign on in cold weather, but the sign itself must be warm. That means you must store your magnetic signs in a warm place during cold weather or you must take the time to warm up your magnetic signs before applying them to your vehicle. You can use your vehicles heater to warm up the signs before applying them. Start up your car and turn on the heat. After the cars starts to generate heat, place your magnet's in the car under a heat vent for about 15 to 20 minutes. Assuming your car has good heat, that should do it. Make sure the sign feels soft and flexible before applying it.

Also, the magnetic rips and tears very easily when it is cold. Always be careful when handling a cold magnetic sign.

Always apply a clean sign to a clean surface. It's a good idea to wipe off the area you will be placing the magnetic sign on with a soft damp cloth to remove any loose dirt that might be there. It's also a good idea to wipe off the back side of the sign too. If both surfaces are clean, then you should have no problems getting a good strong bond between the magnetic and the vehicle.

It's also very important to store your magnet's flat. Don't toss them in the trunk or the back of your pick up truck and pile other stuff up on top of them. Magnetic signs tend to take the form of whatever they are up against. If yours is in a folded, crumpled heap under a bunch of junk in your trunk or pick up bed, your 're going to have trouble flattening them out next time you want to use them. If they are not flat when you apply them, they will not properly grip the vehicle surface.

Follow these simple tips and you should get years of service from a set of our magnetic signs.

Apply your magnetic signs warm
Apply clean magnetic's to a clean surface
Always store magnet's flat